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Learn how to grow your fanbase on Instagram 

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Jaden Bojsen

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"Rebecca helped me understand how to market and promote myself in the music industry. "

Why Should You Take This Masterclass?

A complete masterclass designed to give musicians all the tools needed to help you find and grow your audience. Updated to reflect any recent changes on Instagram so you always have access to the freshest methods that work.

  • 1

    Learn to understand your journey and use this knowledge as a tool

    It is important to know your purpose and learn where it can be used for maximum effect.

  • 2

    Find and grow the right audience

    In today’s crowded, social-media-driven-world you need to know where to focus your energies and reach the right audience effectively.

  • 3

    Learn professional marketing tricks and tips

    All of my knowledge comes from years of helping companies build brands as well as my own entrepreneurial adventures.

  • 4

    Analyze the right metrics

    Posting on instagram can work very well. But you need to know what works and how to find out what it was. This way your music can start reaching people that matter.

Here's What You'll Learn!

I have broken down my course into 7 important chapters, each one with its own bounty of tips, tricks and material to follow. 
The more you follow this course, the more we both win!

    Chapter 1. Setup

    Getting your channels set up in the correct way to optimise all areas of your socials

    • 1.1 Handle Create a perfect handle for your identity (4m 34s)

    • 1.2 Name Your name on your Instagram profile matters (4m 11s)

    • 1.3 Bio Describe your mini version of you but with the right triggers (6m 52s)

    • 1.4 Profile Pic Fans judge an artist by their cover (4m 53s)

    • 1.5 Bio Links Link them to your actual page to understand you more (4m 23s)

    • 1.6 Analyze Metrics Setup and analyze metrics for all links you share (5m 18s)


      Chapter 2. Create

      Creating content in multiple ways and understanding all of the different ways this can be done

      • 2.1 Content Categories Who do you identify with? (5m 17s)

      • 2.2 Repurposing & Reformatting Content

        Document the process of creating your music (12m 27s)

      • 2.3 Repurposing Existing Content Use content that is already out there (5m 40s)

      • 2.4 User generated content Share and reshare content that your fans create (8m 22s)

      • 2.5 Formats Use the right format to structure your work (6m 42s)

        Chapter 3. Engage

        Understanding the monumental importance of engagement can boost your following and reach 

        • 3.1 How to engage and grow in Instagram By interacting with other users on the platform, you’re increasing your chance of being seen​ (5m 27s)

        • 3.2 Network Networking online with industry professionals (4m 37s)

        • 3.3 Engage with your own content Include location, engage with comments and track the best time to post (7m 30s)

        • 3.4 Captions Use captions to engage (7m 28s)

          Chapter 4. Distribute

          Setting up all of the channels used to distribute your content in an efficient way

          • 4.1 Hashtags Research your hashtags to stay relevant (9m 30s)

          • 4.2 Location & Tagging Allow content to be discovered and found (7m 07s)

          • 4.3 Content Creators Place your content where your fans already are (7m 02s)

          • 4.4 Spotify Integration Deeplink your music with Spotify (4m 06s)

            Chapter 5. Plan

            Use all of the techniques learned to create good content and structure your strategy in a more efficient way

            • 5.1 Audit Audit your social media content to see which post works (8m 58s)

            • 5,2 Content Plan Plan ahead like a business (9m 53s)

            • 5.3 Network/ Engagement Routine Repetition is the key to success (4m 55s)

              Chapter 6. Metrics

               Learning what metrics are and how they work as an important guide in your social media strategy

              • 6.1 Fan Funnels Establish a goal, raise awareness and engage (10m 10s)

              • 6.2 Audience Know your audience (4m 37s)

              • 6.3 Key Weekly Metrics Analyze your key weekly metrics (8m 26s)

              • 6.4 Per Content Piece Break it down to per post so that you can identify which is more successful(7m 00s)

              • 6.5 Weekly Metric Review Audit your content every week to gauge your success (15m 11s)

              Chapter 7. Run Ads

              Why running ads online has become more of a necessity and how you can methodically make use of them

              • 7.1 Instagram Ads How to create ads for Instagram (11m 31s)

              • 7.2 Tutorial I show you how to run ads with a real example (18m 22s)

              Frequently Asked Questions

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              About Me

              Hi there! I’m Rebecca, a world citizen and digital marketing nomad. For me, music is core to living authentically. The power that different beats and lyrics can have on your life are nothing less than profound. Music is a universal language capable of awakening emotions, driving social change, and much much more. 


              That’s why I became a dedicated professional to help musicians all over the world market themselves and their musical messages. Because while you might have the lyrics to impact the music community, you still need the tools to promote them effectively. The thing is, whether you’re a band, a solo artist, MC, or a producer, chances are that the only person to rely on when it comes to promoting the music you create is … you. You cannot look at your music as the only way to communicate. In order to get where you need to be, you must look at your music as a business. By providing this new perspective, I will teach you how to explore an entirely different side of your career. By adopting this vision, you will be in the driver’s seat of your own vision- not just along for the ride! 


              And guys, I am here to tell you that that’s totally fiiiiiine! We are lucky to live in an era with social and promotional platforms right at our fingertips. So, there’s absolutely NO excuse to not take advantage of them if you want to grow your fan base, both online and offline. 

              My expertise in digital marketing and working with personal brands is what makes me your number one option to help you market your music career. From my experience starting several international tech companies coupled with my experience with event production and promotion - I’ve got you covered! And when it comes to strategy behind what to communicate, how to communicate, and where to communicate - I am the digital media marketer with a plan! My marketing skills are core to guiding others to achieve a new level of success across social media, no matter which channel. So, what are you waiting for? Let me help you and your music get the attention it deserves!

              Rebecca Bakken


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